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Puppy Pre-school

Puppy Pre-school


A puppy’s experiences in the first few months of their life have been shown to have a significant impact on the development of their confidence and form the foundation of their lifelong social skills. All the vets and nurses at Northwich Vets want to help you give your puppy the best chances to be happy and healthy so we hold regular puppy pre-school sessions.


The Aims of Northwich’s Puppy Pre-School

Our puppy pre-school sessions have three main aims;

  1. Introduction to the veterinary surgery – to provide a positive introduction for your puppy to the veterinary environment to make it less stressful if they need to attend for treatment in future.
  2. Socialisation – To provide a safe setting for your puppy to socialise with others of a similar age at a similar stage of their development.
  3. Education – To provide owner education towards a lifelong friendship with your new puppy, including health, help with problematic behaviours and basic training for control.

To enquire about a place on our puppy pre-school course call the surgery on 01606 359789.

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