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Stitch - French Bulldog

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Stitch - French Bulldog

Stitch the 6yo French Bulldog presented in practice after vomiting and not eating for a few days. Mhairi, the case vet, was concerned after examining him and the decision was made to conduct further investigations. 

Blood samples were taken and intravenous fluid therapy was started to help re-hydrate Stitch. An ultrasound scan was carried out and x-rays were taken. The x-rays showed a gas pattern in his intestines, which suggested that there was a foreign body present. Stitch also has a history of eating things he shouldn’t, resulting in surgery. 

Mhairi and Stitch’s owner decided to go ahead with surgery to explore his abdomen. This surgery is called an exploratory laparotomy. During the surgery, it became clear that Stitch’s small intestine was dilated and under strain, blocked by a piece of foreign material. Mhairi carefully removed this foreign body, and sutured his small intestine back together.

Stitch had swallowed part of a soft toy… a large lion head. It travelled down his oesophagus, through his stomach and into his intestines. Had it not been removed in such a timely manner, Stitch would be at risk of life threatening sepsis and shock. 

We are pleased to say that Stitch has recovered extremely well from the surgery and is now back to his bright, normal self! 
Given his history, he is not given soft toys at home, so must have picked up the toy whilst out on a walk 

We wish him the best and hope that he has now learned (for the second time!) that toys are not for swallowing…