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Kyla - German Shepherd

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Kyla - German Shepherd

Kyla, the lovely 1-year-old German Shepherd, came to the veterinary practice after showing some symptoms of cystitis (These include: indoor urination, straining, increased frequency of toileting, and blood in the urine). Additionally, she had been experiencing increased spotting and had been in season for approximately three weeks.

A blood sample was collected to assess Kyla's progesterone level, revealing that she was post-ovulation, indicating that spotting should have ceased. Further blood tests showed a slight elevation in her kidney values, suggesting a potential alteration in their function.

To eliminate the possibility of urinary/bladder stones or anatomical abnormalities, X-rays and an ultrasound scan were conducted. These tests revealed suspected cystic ovaries, as well as a urinary and uterine infection.A urine sample obtained through cystocentesis was sent for external analysis, which detected the presence of struvite crystals but no bacterial growth.

Kyla was provided with pain relief and antibiotics to address her condition, leading to a great recovery. A follow-up urine sample confirmed that all results returned to normal, indicating Kyla's improved health.